Koněprusy Caves

Koněprusy Caves are not only the longest and most explored cave system in the Czech Republic, but also a place full of legends. It is a unique natural monument – the underground formations found in this cave complex do not exist anywhere else in the world. Geographically, it belongs to the protected area of the Bohemian Karst and is located near the town of Koněprusy, 5 km south of Beroun – on the way to Karlštejn. The length of the open caves is two kilometers, the length of the hiking trail is 620 meters. The height difference between the upper and lower levels is 70 meters.

  • DRIVING TIME: 1 h 10 min
  • OPENING HOURS: here (CZ)
  • ADDRESS: 266 01, Koněprusy

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